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5 Signs Your Email Account Was Hacked

Hackers and scammers are much more creative and resources now more than ever before. No one want to wake and learn their email was hacked.

Email address have now turned into a form ID on the web. When you sign up for something that requires an email address, you’re essentially using it as proof of your identity. As a result, your cyber footprint leaves you a target for hackers and scammers to steal your personal information or worse money.

Learn the signs of someone tampering with your inbox to better protect your email account.

1. You can’t log into your account or locked out.

A scammer, a hacker or a cyber-attacker may be trying to find out which banks, shopping sites, and other services you use. If you can’t log into your account, contact your email service provider or a reach out to a professional like a licensed technician to help you access your account. They can also help setup security systems to prevent it from happening in the future.

2. Contacts are getting spam messages from you or company

We’ve all received that random salesy or spammy email from a friend or family member. Only to learn their email or phone was hacked. This is a sign that you’ve been hacked. If friends and family in your contacts list start emailing or messaging you to let you know they’re receiving strange content from you, this could be a sign someone is using your email inbox to send spam and phishing emails.

3. Sent messages have been deleted or messages in send box aren’t from you.

Hackers are smart and savvy. From time to time, you may want to check your forward and deleted messages. Sometimes, they’ll just want to use your account to send spam or to gather more information about you while trying to hide the activity from you.

4. You receive Password change request or confirmations

Ever get an email notification about a password reset. That’s a sign someone is trying to access your email. Be on the lookout for suspicious emails or calls claiming to be your bank, your credit card company requesting PIN Codes, social security number or passwords.

5. Your account setting have been changed.

Here’s how to prevent any of this from happening.

Add two-factor authentication

A two-factor authentication is an extra security measure to help you access your email and most email providers support the option for a second login step, which requires you to provide additional “factors” before access to the account is granted. It’s truly simple. The two-factor authentication is one of the most effective methods for delaying or preventing attacks.

Many websites are already using it like amazon, google, bank and more. This helps ensure you are you before allowing access to the protected information.

Clean up your device and run antivirus

Let’s be real, it’s possible the attackers can gain access through malware on your device. Running an antivirus scan to check for spyware, keyloggers, and other types of malware help minimizes risks.

1. Ensure your browsers and apps are up-to-date.

2. Remove any third-party extensions or apps that you no longer need or use.

3. Regularly backing up your files and programs, now is the time to start.

Ask for help

Still worried? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Schedule a quick call with our licensed technician to help you set all this up.

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