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  • Q: How do I change my password?
    Follow the steps below to reset a password Press CTL ALT DELETE on your keyboard. Select change password Type your old password followed by your new password twice
  • Q: How do I sign into office 365 from home?
    Follow step below: Open Internet browser (chrome, explorer etc.) Type www. Go to login and type your work email address Enter your password used at work to access your email After logging in you should now have access to your work emails and any files saved to your work cloud storage
  • Q: Why is my computer running so slow?
    There may be a variety of reasons why your computers speed may be compromised ranging from limited memory to a virus or some other intrusion. There are a number of things you can immediately to improve your system’s performance Check your hard drive space – you should have at least 15% free space available for best performance. Ensure that any programs or software previously used is closed out completely. Use Task Manager to identify what is using the most system resources Run any software update that may be available for your model Run a virus scan and remove viruses/spyware If there is no significant improvement in your system speed after these steps please contact the team at I.T. Business Solutions, we can immediately take further steps to improve your system performance.
  • Q: What should I do if I have a virus?
    Immediately contact the team at I.T. Business Solutions as some malware or viruses can be very persistent and hard to effectively remove. One of the best defense against viruses is to have a good offense. This means to consistently practice good user behavior. Back up important data regularly Browse the web carefully and stay away from any questionable sites or sources Be cautious when opening links received via emails, especially if from unknown senders and from unsolicited emails. Use discretion when downloading free resources from websites
  • Q: What should I do with an email attachment I’m unsure about?
    Don’t open any attachment that you cannot verify from a trusted sender. If unable to verify authenticity of the email and attachment with the sender, delete the email. If possible always contact a sender via phone number to verify that they sent the email and corresponding attachment.
  • Q: What’s the best protection for our computer?
    The best protection for a computer system is a careful and thoughtful user. Practice safe internet browsing and be selective about type of information accessed using the computer. Contact the team at I.T. Business Solutions to discuss different programs offered to guide your computer along with you careful attention.​
  • Q: Why do I have a blue screen?
    This can be caused by hardware of software issues that may or may not be an easy fix. First, try to establish the source of the malfunction by following the steps below: Power down the computer/laptop and restart the entire system. It may be necessary to unplug the power source for 30-60 seconds to also to allow the system to completely power down. Restart your computer in normal fashion and see whether the issue returns. If the issue continues, then move to troubleshooting the problem If you have access to an alternate monitor please try to log in using that monitor to see whether the issue is the hardware. If the issue does not appear on the alternate monitor, you may have a hardware issue. Please contact the team at I.T. Business Solutions for expert evaluation of your monitor. If the issue also appears on the alternate monitor as well, this may indicate a software issue that may require re-install the graphics card drivers. Please contact the team at I.T. Business Solutions for expert evaluation.
  • Q: Why is voice on the network choppy?
    There could be several factors that are impacting the voice quality of your system. One such example could you internet speed, or an over-taxed network system that can no longer support the demands of the business. Contact the team at I.T. Business Solutions, we can evaluate the issues and provide a plan to rectify and improve voice quality.
  • ¿Cómo agrego una nueva pregunta y respuesta?
    Para agregar una nueva pregunta, sigue estos pasos: Haz clic en el botón de Administrar preguntas frecuentes Desde el panel de control de tu sitio haz clic en 'Agregar' y luego elige la opción de 'Preguntas y respuestas' Cada nueva pregunta debe ser asignada a una categoría Guarda y publica Siempre puedes editar tus preguntas frecuentes, reordenarlas y seleccionar otras categorías.
  • ¿Puede insertar una imagen, video o gif a mis preguntas frecuentes?
    Sí. Para agregar contenido multimedia, sigue estos pasos: Entra en las opciones de la app Haz click en Administrar preguntas frecuentes Crea o elige la pregunta a la que quieres agregar contenido multimedia Cuando edites tu respuesta, haz clic en el icono de imagen, video o gif Agrega el contenido desde tu libreria y guarda los cambios.
  • ¿Cómo puede editar o quitar el título de las preguntas frecuentes?
    Puedes editar el título desde la pestaña de opciones en la app. Si no quieres mostrar el título, desactiva la opción desde 'Información a mostrar'.
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