Do you leave your doors open after hours? Do you protect your premises by locking doors or using alarms and security cameras to prevent intrusions and theft? If yes, then your business should have the same focus on securing your technology environment.

In today's business IT is more complex than ever. With companies expanding their staff, opening remote offices, allowing employees to work remotely and the proliferation of B.Y.O.D (Bring Your Own Device), data and network security are more critical than ever.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your guest wifi separate from your regular network?

  • Do you rely on your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) modem to provide you network security?

  • Do employees have remote access to their corporate desktops using any of the "Screen Sharing" services available vs. a secure VPN connection?


If you are unsure of the answer to any of these questions or how each one impacts your business security then give us a call today for a security audit. Our security audit helps you identify areas of your business which are at risk.

Our security team will assess your network and design policies and procedures that strengthen your internal security and protect your business.




Do you leave your doors open after hours? Businesses have to protect their premises by locking their doors, they also use alarms and security cameras to prevent intrusions and theft.


Protecting your computer systems is equally important, to prevent people with malintent from destroying your operations. One of the key tools used for computer security is a firewall, and few companies can afford to operate without one.



Companies lose money every day due to the fact that their employees engage in non-work related Internet surfing. Content Filtering helps drive productivity by limiting access to desired sites, and approved times.


It limits access to well know sites that carries a malicious payload. Know your employees surfing habit and boost productivity by installing a proxy or content filter device.



​These days, hackers, attackers, and even automated web bots are all trying to gain access to your network and ultimately access your private customer and business information. When successful, the attackers can lock down your data or worse they can release your customer information to the world.

With the sheer number of security threats faced by companies, it is important to evaluate the vulnerabilities that may affect your business. Lost revenues due to downtime or large fines due to data breaches may not be an option and could affect the overall health of the organization.



Not only is it necessary to protect a network from outside threats but internal threats can also be a huge vulnerability. Part of a thorough network security plan is ensuring that employees are using best practices and are educated on their role in keeping the network safe.



If you store customer data, private information, or take credit cards, network security is no longer an option, but instead is a necessity. Not to mention if you must adhere to HIPAA, SOC, or any other regulations, you need a team that understands these requirements and a team that can provide the pieces necessary to keep you compliant.

How can we help?

Protecting your information and your customers’ data is I.T. Business Solutions specialty.


We can evaluate your current network business environment.


We will provide a complete assessment of your overall security health.


Implement a complete security plan to provide a comprehensive security solution