October 2016

Hurricane Preparation for your Computers

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1-- backup all personal files, do not worry about installed programs. all personal files, pictures, music should have a recent backup. 2-- Power off all unnecessary equipment for example printers, scanners, copiers etc.... 3-- Test all battery backups 4-- Power off all network equipment, switches, routers, firewalls etc... 5-- Turn off all computers once you [...]

September 2016

Security News

By | September 12th, 2016|Business, Security|

Leoni AG, a wire and cable manufacturer victim to hackers lost approximately $44 million. The company fell victim to a couple of well-known exploits in the computer security community, Email spoofing and social engineering. Email spoofing- You receive an email from an address that looks similar to your own for instance, your email domain is [...]

August 2016

DirectAccess 2012 and manage Out capabilites without IPV6 for SCCM 2012

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often when thinking about management functions, we think of them as the software or settings that are being pushed out to the client computers. This is actually not true in many cases. A lot of management tools are initiated on the client side, and so their method of distributing these settings and patches are actually [...]

PowerShell Get-AdUser based on sAMAccountName

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#Create array for all accounts to be stored in accounts = @() #Get-AdUser cmdlet to filter on sAMAccountName and only search for enabled account and then store each one in the array Get-AdUser -filter {sAMAccountName -Like “jeff*” -and enabled -eq $true} | select-object sAMAccountName | Foreach-Object{$accounts += $_.samaccountname} #Echo all accounts returned in the array $accounts | [...]

July 2016


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Network and Computer Security best practices. 1)– Antivirus should be standard on all computers. 2)– All computers should be patch in order to keep up with the latest threats 3)– Legal software should be used on all computers Network 1)– reputable business grade firewall should be in place 2)– segment network if possible 3)– [...]